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The Whistler Cork Oak from Portugal Crowned ‘European Tree of the Year 2018’


The 235-year old Whistler Cork Oak from Alentejo, Portugal was named the European Tree of the Year 2018, after gathering 26,606 votes of the 200,000 votes cast for thirteen candidate trees from countries representing every corner of Europe. The Whistler Cork Oak is named after the sound of the countless birds that perch in its branches. The bark of the …

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Dispelling Long-Held Beliefs About Cork


(From Deborah Parker Wong in the Somm Journal) When it comes to wine storage, old habits are hard to break. But Dr. Paulo Lopes, Research and Development Manager at Amorim Cork, advises that if temperature and humidity are maintained at the correct levels, wine can be stored upright with no ill effects. In fact, sparkling wine should always be stored …

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The Science Behind the Perfect Pop


British Mathematician reveals the formula for the perfect pop when opening a bottle of bubbly (and it’s all about the temperature…) Dr Eugenia Cheng’s experiment characterised the perfect pop as in the frequency range of 8,000Hz to 12,000Hz This sound is the most appealing to the human ear, with those frequencies comparable to the ring of cymbals To achieve the …

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