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Francis Ford Coppola Winery


It’s important for Coppola Winery to produce unique age-worthy and fruit-forward wines, while remaining true to the varietal. Winemaker, Corey Beck notes that “corks help me sleep better at night! It allows the wine to continue to evolve…” Watch as Corey Beck continues to muse over the capabilities of natural cork, including how it helped preserve the flavor of a ... Read More »

St. Francis Winery


St Francis Winery puts tremendous emphasis on their wines being reflective of what Sonoma County’s diverse terroir has to offer! When looking at the natural oxygen exchange during the aging process, they believe their wine is best expressed with a natural cork closure. Read More »

The Science Behind the Perfect Pop


British Mathematician reveals the formula for the perfect pop when opening a bottle of bubbly (and it’s all about the temperature…) Dr Eugenia Cheng’s experiment characterised the perfect pop as in the frequency range of 8,000Hz to 12,000Hz This sound is the most appealing to the human ear, with those frequencies comparable to the ring of cymbals To achieve the ... Read More »

Jordan Winery


Maggie Kruse of Jordan Winery, speaks about the importance of sustainability in winemaking, and how cork is the last thing that the wine touches: “Sustainability is incredibly important to Jordan. We do a lot on the estate here to be completely sustainable, so it’s important that everything that we work with and that goes into our wine puts as much ... Read More »

Myths and Facts about Wine Faults

APCOR Wine Faults NY

Even many sophisticated wine drinkers when tasting a wine that doesn’t seem quite right will automatically say it’s ‘corked’. But just as the ability to distinguish varietals or terroir is essential to becoming an educated wine drinker, so is the ability to distinguish off aromas and tastes. With this educational goal in mind, noted enologist Dr. Paulo Lopes recently conducted ... Read More »

Ridge Vineyards


Eric Baugher, one of America’s most acclaimed winemakers, speaks about one of America’s most acclaimed wines, Ridge Montebello: “The oldest wine I’ve tasted is a 1964 Ridge Montebello. I remember pulling that cork out. It came out in a full piece, and it just suddenly, it was like opening a perfume bottle; the essence of the Montebello vineyard came out ... Read More »

America’s Top Winemakers Talk About Wine and Cork


The Portuguese Cork Association is proud to introduce a video series on wine and cork from the perspectives of six of America’s top winemakers – Maggie Kruse of Jordan Winery, Richie Allen of Rombauer Vineyards, Corey Beck of Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Tim Bell of Dry Creek Vineyard, Eric Baugher of Ridge Vineyards, and Katie Madigan of St. Francis Vineyards. ... Read More »

How Cork Makes Wine Taste Better

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Wines under cork rated higher in blind taste test – Most winemakers know that natural cork can make their wine taste better. That is why over 70 percent of all wine is sealed with cork, and the vast majority of the world’s finest wines.  The oxygen contained within the cork, diffused into the bottle at a predictable but non-linear rate ... Read More »

Consumer Preference for Natural Cork Means Higher Sales


Test Shows 47% Percent Sales Benefit for Wines Identified as Using Natural Cork, 83% for Reds Only – Does professed consumer preference for natural cork effect in-store purchase decisions? This question is difficult to answer because labels do not give information on closure type. What if information on closures was available to buyers? Would it effect wine sales? To answer ... Read More »

3 Excellent Reasons to Choose Wine with Natural Cork Stoppers


From Emily Monaco at the Organic Authority: ‘You might think that you’re making a more sustainable choice when you choose wine bottles closed with plastic or aluminum, but the truth is that the traditional cork stoppers are by far the best option.’ The article goes on to say “major advances have been made in identifying corks affected with cork taint ... Read More »