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Any Wine Worth Its Grapes Deserves Natural Cork

Any wine worth its grapes deserves natural cork

There’s no shortage of wines to enjoy this summer. But here’s a tip: Always look for wines finished with natural cork. Real cork is one sure sign of quality and an authentic signature of the winemaker’s art. And while some wineries have tried alternatives, a growing number are coming back because of cork’s leading qualities – it’s better for wine, and it’s sustainably harvested. Remember: …

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World of Wine: Americans, French alike consider cork best bottle closure

Wine (2)

By Ron Smith | Inforum | April 15, 2015 Want something to show off at your next Trivial Pursuit game? Try this: What natural material is lighter than water, nearly impervious to air, hard to burn, resists rot, so elastic that it can snap back into original shape after 14,000 pounds of pressure per cubic inch and, by the way, …

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The Other Side of Cork

Real Cork Harvesting in the Montado of Portugal

By Ann Chandler, Saudi Aramco World | Published March/April 2012 The grin on Manuel Peixiubo’s weathered face appears easily beneath his frosty moustache. Peixiubo is jovial and friendly, but he works fast and doesn’t stop while he talks. Here on the Pipa cork farm near Coruche, 40 kilometers (25 mi) southeast of Lisbon in Portugal’s sunny Alentejo region, a man’s wage …

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100% Cork launches Earth Day social media campaign to plant cork oaks in Portugal

Cork plant a tree

SAN FRANCISCO | Business Wire | April 1, 2015 – For the second year, 100% Cork, a global campaign to raise awareness of cork’s environmental benefits, is providing a free opportunity for anyone to help plant cork saplings. The Earth Day social media campaign runs now through April 22, and each time someone “Likes,” “Shares” or “Follows” 100% Cork on …

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Photo Exhibition: Cork extraction in North Alentejo (Portugal)

Montado (9)

Photographer: Jorge Sarmento | SDN- Social Documentary Network  The Social Documentary Network invited the photographer Jorge Sarmento to exhibit his photos with the title “Cork extraction in North Alentejo (Portugal)”. This work was made for APCOR (Portuguese Cork Association) during summer of 2014. Take a look at http://socialdocumentary.net/exhibit/Jorge_Sarmento/3037

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Got Wine Corks? Recycle Them!

Wine Cork Industry

WFMY News 2 | Greensboro, NC | March 18, 2015 There is a new push to recycle wine corks. It’s not to save cork trees, it’s actually to get more industries to use cork in their products. To make a wine cork, farmers shave off the bark from a cork tree. Farmers don’t have to cut the tree down and …

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Cork Makes a Comeback in Wine Country

Cork and Wine (124)

By Bill Swindell | The Press Democrat | February 22, 2015 For a product that has been around hundreds of years, the natural cork industry would seem to be the last type of business to have a need to advertise its product in Wine Country. But that’s what it did over the holiday season with a $300,000 campaign on local radio …

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Winemakers try to set cork-popping distance record

Cork and Wine (126)

By Larry Burkum | KCRG-TV9 | CEDAR RAPIDS | February 27, 2015 Iowa wine growers on Friday attempted to set a record for the longest flight of a sparking wine cork. The fun took place at Kirkwood Community College during the Iowa Wine Growers Conference. In a two-round event, sparkling wine makers fired corks from a fixed table. “Why not …

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Wineries Increase Sales When Promoting Their Use of Cork: Holiday Results Consistent with Consumer Preference for Cork

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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 19, 2015 | PRNewswire Five leading wineries that participated in a holiday advertising campaign highlighting their use of natural cork closures experienced an increase in sales, while average sales for a comparator group fell, 100% Cork announced today. “These positive results reinforce market surveys showing that consumers prefer wines sealed with genuine cork – especially when wineries draw attention to their …

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80% of Brazilians say that noble wines must have cork closures

Extracting a Wine Cork

January 30, 2015 by Rita Gonçalves A recent survey conducted by Conecta and Ibope studied the consumption habits of wine consumers in the city of São Paulo. The research reveals that consumers consider the importance of the wine’s “closure” to be proportional to the quality of the wine. The study shows that “a cork closure is a value-adding element of …

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