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Good for Wine

Wine, women and corks


By PAM PARKER Erie Times-News staff blogger | POSTED: JULY 29TH, 2014 There isn’t a lot I don’t know about wine. And corks. And that picture at left shows what my daughter and husband did with corks. Here’s some really good news from the email files: Women buy 80 percent of all wine sold in the U.S., and women overwhelming prefer …

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Shall We Put a Cork in It?

Natural cork stoppers

By Allen Balik, Wine educator and columnist, Huffington Post | Posted: Monday, August 12, 2014 Few topics regarding a bottle of wine generate more impassioned and diverse opinions than the type of closure used. Natural cork is the centuries-old stand-by that has come under relentless attack over the last couple of decades. It has been somewhat replaced with varying rates of success by composite …

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Climate Change and Cork: Setting the Record Straight

Montado (23)

Climate Change and Cork: Setting the Record Straight A recent study (“Comparison of good- and bad-quality cork: application of high-throughput sequencing of phellogenic tissue”) conducted by researchers associated with the University of Lisbon has created the false impression that there has been a decline in the quality of cork brought about by a possible link to climate change. The authors …

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Talking Cork with Pattie Baker

Montado (2)

Starting July 21, 2014, 100PercentCork.org on Facebook is posting all 24 parts of the series “Talking Cork with Pattie Baker” of FoodShedPlanet.com A passionate author, photojournalist, blogger, and urban farmer, Pattie was invited on an investigative journalism trip to the cork forests and factories of Portugal with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance to bear witness to an ecosystem in peril. Check out …

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Harvesting Cork Is as Natural as Shearing Sheep


(NewsUSA) – Natural cork is one of the planet’s most versatile and useful materials. It is used to make everything from wine stoppers, to high-fashion items, to building materials. Natural cork can even be found as insulation on the space shuttle. Despite cork’s many uses, there is still much confusion about the supply of cork and where it comes from. Contrary to …

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Toasted Toad Cellars

Toasted Toast Cellars

Toasted Toad Cellars is a boutique winery located in Lodi, California that specializes in small lot production.  The winery was started by the father-daughter team of Jeff and Laura from a shared passion for wines of both common and unusual varietals.  Being located in Lodi gives them the chance to source a great many varietals ranging from the common Bordeaux …

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Shannon Ridge Vineyards & Winery

Shannopn Ridge Sheep and Dogs

Shannon Ridge Family of Wines, based in Lake County, Calif., is a sweeping vineyard dotted with sheep. The family owned winery uses sheep in the vineyards to keep the vines healthy by integrating grazing with the grape-growing cycle. They call this natural farming method, the Ovis Cycle. This ensures that the crops are fertilized naturally and the sheep are eating …

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Wine Spectator – “ When to Put a Cork in It ”

Natural cork stoppers

By Ben O’Donnell In recent years, the shift from cork to screw cap seemed inevitable. Forward-thinking regions like Australia and New Zealand now use screw caps for around 70 percent and 90 percent, respectively, of all their wine to better protect the quality. So it came as a surprise two years ago, when winemaker Adam Mason, working for South Africa’s …

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