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Wineries Speak Up About the Benefits of Using Natural Cork

Cork Wine Stopper and Bottle

(NewsUSA) – A growing list of leading wineries, including St. Francis, Bogle and Fetzer, are speaking up about the benefits of using natural cork. They recognize that not only does natural cork allow wines to age perfectly, but using natural cork also provides a potential competitive advantage when it comes to marketing their wine brands. According to Wines & Spirits ... Read More »

How Artisans Harvest Wine Corks In Portugal

Real Cork Harvesting in the Montado of Portugal

By Tina Caputo, Zester Daily | Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 The ax strikes the tree with a dry, hollow crack. The man wielding it carefully uses the edge of the blade to pry a thick piece of cork from the tree, then hands it down the ladder to a worker waiting below. In the surrounding forest, the crew continues separating the ... Read More »

100PercentCork sponsors afternoon session at Wines & Vines Packaging Conference.

WVPack logo

100PercentCork is sponsoring the afternoon general session at Wines & Vines Packaging Conference.   David Pearson, CEO of Opus One Winery will discuss how to fight fake wine in a session “The Importance of Tamper-Evident Packaging.” Wines & Vines is providing an all-day conference for industry experts about wine packaging.  Sessions include information about what works and what does not, how ... Read More »

Wine, women and corks


By PAM PARKER Erie Times-News staff blogger | POSTED: JULY 29TH, 2014 There isn’t a lot I don’t know about wine. And corks. And that picture at left shows what my daughter and husband did with corks. Here’s some really good news from the email files: Women buy 80 percent of all wine sold in the U.S., and women overwhelming prefer ... Read More »

Shall We Put a Cork in It?

Natural cork stoppers

By Allen Balik, Wine educator and columnist, Huffington Post | Posted: Monday, August 12, 2014 Few topics regarding a bottle of wine generate more impassioned and diverse opinions than the type of closure used. Natural cork is the centuries-old stand-by that has come under relentless attack over the last couple of decades. It has been somewhat replaced with varying rates of success by composite ... Read More »

Cork Stopper is the preferred closure for Chinese wine consumers

Cork Stopper is the preferred closure for Chinese wine consumers

Press Release | June 19, 2014 Cork Stopper is the preferred closure for Chinese wine consumers According to the findings of a recent Chinese wine consumer survey, cork stopper is the preferred closure and is perceived as being closely associated with good quality of wine in China. Aiming at shedding light on the perception, preferences and consumption behaviors on wines and ... Read More »

Climate Change and Cork: Setting the Record Straight

Montado (23)

Climate Change and Cork: Setting the Record Straight A recent study (“Comparison of good- and bad-quality cork: application of high-throughput sequencing of phellogenic tissue”) conducted by researchers associated with the University of Lisbon has created the false impression that there has been a decline in the quality of cork brought about by a possible link to climate change. The authors ... Read More »

Talking Cork with Pattie Baker

Montado (2)

Starting July 21, 2014, 100PercentCork.org on Facebook is posting all 24 parts of the series “Talking Cork with Pattie Baker” of FoodShedPlanet.com A passionate author, photojournalist, blogger, and urban farmer, Pattie was invited on an investigative journalism trip to the cork forests and factories of Portugal with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance to bear witness to an ecosystem in peril. Check out ... Read More »

Let’s debunk some of those wine myths

cork and wine bottles

By Julianna Hayes, The Daily Courier | Posted: Sunday, July 6, 2014 During our marathon judging sessions last month for the Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Excellence in B.C. Wines, my panel picked up on a wine we identified as “corked.” It was musty smelling like a damp basement, which is a strong indication of the presence of a nasty little chemical known ... Read More »

Growing Preference Among U.S. Wine Consumers for Natural Cork Stoppers


90 Percent of Top 50 Selling Restaurant Brands Sealed with Cork LOS ANGELES, June 24, 2014 – 100% Cork (www.100percentcork.org) said today that recent independent market research of wine sales in restaurants and retail outlets confirms the growing preference by U.S. consumers for wines sealed with natural cork over all artificial closures at all price points. Wine & Spirits’ “25th ... Read More »