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Matt Kaner

Matthew Kaner

Sommelier and Partner at Good Measure, Bar Covell and Augustine

The most memorable bottle I’ve ever opened with an original cork as a 1928 Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande from Pauillac in Bordeaux. It had been stored perfectly, the cork was still intact despite having signs of being water-logged by the wine in the bottle. There’s a feeling you get when you open a bottle of wine that’s been bottled under natural cork enclosure. It’s a feeling of discovery, of unearthing something special to share with friends.

Gary Fisch

Gary Fisch

Founder and CEO Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, President of the Wine and Spirits Guild of America

At Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, we make buying high-end and fine wine easy, fun and accessible. We have staff available to talk about each of the wine to give guests an understanding of the specific wine producers, villages and vineyards. When it comes to high-end and age worthy bottles of wine, a majority of our guest prefer wines sealed in cork. Cork is a wine preservation system that has worked for centuries and will continue to preserve wine in the future. The use of natural cork impacts the taste of the wine. Like cork, wine is a living and breathing organism that evolves. The use of cork allows enough air through to gracefully age a wine.