Cork. It’s more than a detail.

Why is it that winemakers worldwide entrust cork to preserve their wine? In fact, 70% of all wine stoppers are made of cork, including the vast majority of the world’s best wines. While the relationship between wine and cork is rooted in centuries of tradition, and the romance and rituals that have evolved around opening a bottle of wine are treasured by wine lovers everywhere, winemakers are above all about making great tasting wines, and the simple fact is, cork makes wine taste better. This 100% natural, renewable and sustainable natural resource is a miracle material perfectly suited to aid in the preservation and development of wine – for winemakers, the “final piece of the puzzle” in the winemaking process.

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Like all sectors of the economy, the wine industry has suffered from stretched supply chains in  the COVID era. However, one bright spot has been the cork industry, which throughout this period has been able to maintain its supply chain and ensure that “no wine in 2022 will need an artificial stopper due to cork supply problems”, in the words …

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Doug Frost, one of only four people in the world to simultaneously hold the titles of Master of Wine and Master Sommelier, explains why “the world’s most heralded wines are closed with a chunk of oak bark” and how “corks are fairly perfect for their purpose”. He also explains how “their very utilization helps sustain the existence of ancient cork …

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