3 Excellent Reasons to Choose Wine with Natural Cork Stoppers


From Emily Monaco at the Organic Authority: ‘You might think that you’re making a more sustainable choice when you choose wine bottles closed with plastic or aluminum, but the truth is that the traditional cork stoppers are by far the best option.’ The article goes on to say “major advances have been made in identifying corks affected with cork taint before they are used, reducing cork taint from five to ten percent of bottles to just one percent. The reasons for choosing synthetically closed wine seem negligible, especially when you consider the true sustainability of the natural cork harvest’. Natural corks are renewable, good for the environment, and recyclable.

Read the article here:  http://www.organicauthority.com/3-excellent-reasons-to-choose-wine-with-natural-cork-stoppers-drink-up-its-for-the-environment/

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