America’s Top Winemakers Talk About Wine and Cork

The Portuguese Cork Association is proud to introduce a video series on wine and cork from the perspectives of six of America’s top winemakers – Maggie Kruse of Jordan Winery, Richie Allen of Rombauer Vineyards, Corey Beck of Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Tim Bell of Dry Creek Vineyard, Eric Baugher of Ridge Vineyards, and Katie Madigan of St. Francis Vineyards.

In the coming weeks we will have the opportunity to listen to each of these winemakers speak passionately about their wines and wineries, and the process of wine making. We will hear from their perspective about what cork brings to wine, and how the properties and nature of cork are integral to the taste and experience of their wine – scientifically through cork’s interaction with the wine, and emotionally through cork’s connection to wine.  We will also hear them speak about their visits to the cork forests, and the environmental benefits of cork.

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