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Bogle Chard-NVBV 2012 ER-BottleShotThe History of the Bogle Label

There is a story everywhere, and there is indeed a story behind the foil pheasant icon now perched subtly atop Bogle’s labels. When Warren Bogle and his son Chris first decided to bottle the family’s wine, they wanted a label that artistically depicted the unique river region where the vines were planted.

Living on Bogle’s River Ranch was a multi-talented artist named Paul Lorenzi. Warren and Chris asked Paul to create a sketch of the vines. Sitting down one evening, with his glass of wine in hand, Paul began his sketch, when suddenly a gorgeous male ring necked pheasant came into view and settled among the vines. Paul captured the bird as he gracefully arced over the vines. Thus the label with the bird was born.

Merritt Island, where Bogle is located, has always been a heaven for amazing wildlife. The ring-necked pheasant, though elusive to the quest, is a common resident on the island. In retrospect, the pheasant is a very appropriate symbol for Bogle, and staff and family alike hold the pheasant in high regard.

Over the years, the single solitary bird from the original label became a pair of birds, the colorful male and the more subtle female. The bird evolved, from large, colorful artistic renditions, to emblematic outlines, to the noble gold-foiled logo that you see today.

 Bogle Vineyard logo

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