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Cork it: Many Bay Area wine producers are switching back to natural cork

By Chris RauberSan Francisco Business Times | May 31, 2015

Christopher Silva, a fifth-generation Sonoma County native, is big on sustainable agriculture and “green” alternatives. So back in 2013, he decided to stop using synthetic wine bottle closures on virtually all of his company’s wines and return to the natural solution: Cork.
And he hasn’t looked back.

Silva’s company and other Bay Area wineries that experimented with synthetic stoppers and screw-tops for win bottles have started switching back to cork.

Nationally, Nielsen data shows that over the last five years cork closures have accounted for most of the growth among the top 100 premium wine brands in a survey covering all major U.S. metropolitan areas. As a result, wines with cork closures had 59 percent of the market for those wines as of May 1, 2015, compared to just 50 percent five years earlier.

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