Cork. It’s more than a detail.

Why is it that winemakers worldwide entrust cork to preserve their wine? In fact, 70% of all wine stoppers are made of cork, including the vast majority of the world’s best wines. While the relationship between wine and cork is rooted in centuries of tradition, and the romance and rituals that have evolved around opening a bottle of wine are treasured by wine lovers everywhere, winemakers are above all about making great tasting wines, and the simple fact is, cork makes wine taste better. This 100% natural, renewable and sustainable natural resource is a miracle material perfectly suited to aid in the preservation and development of wine – for winemakers, the “final piece of the puzzle” in the winemaking process.

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How do you make everyday home goods more sustainable and better for the environment? You make them out of cork. That’s what London-based design studio, Mind the Cork, decided to do when it looked for a material to use for its eco-friendly line of products. Cork is a 100 percent natural material that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Made from …

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Natural cork enjoyed a banner year in 2021. Portuguese cork exports set a record last year, reaching $1.269 billion in value according to the Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR), which represents the country’s cork industry and its products. The association reported that the total value of cork exports grew 12 percent compared to 2020, and increased seven percent compared to 2019. …

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When Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis decided to reinterpret a classic piece of antiquity, The Three Graces, he turned to cork to bring his creation to life. Reis used cork from Portugal to construct three sculptures that were created at the invitation of the Louvre Museum in Paris, as part of the Portugal-France 2022 Crusade Season. The Three Graces have …

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