Ridge Vineyards

Eric Baugher, one of America’s most acclaimed winemakers, speaks about one of America’s most acclaimed wines, Ridge Montebello:
“The oldest wine I’ve tasted is a 1964 Ridge Montebello. I remember pulling that cork out. It came out in a full piece, and it just suddenly, it was like opening a perfume bottle; the essence of the Montebello vineyard came out of that bottle….Ridge wines have finesse, balance, elegance, complexity. We absolutely believe that the cork is really playing a significant role in allowing a wine to transform in that way, to reach that beautiful point of flavor and aroma….This is something that is from nature, it’s not synthesized, this is helping maintain the forest and the livelihood of the people who have been raising those trees and harvesting the bark, and that is something we will always continue to support.”

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