Shannopn Ridge Sheep and Dogs

Shannon Ridge Vineyards & Winery

Shannon Ridge Family of Wines, based in Lake County, Calif., is a sweeping vineyard dotted with sheep. The family owned winery uses sheep in the vineyards to keep the vines healthy by integrating grazing with the grape-growing cycle. They call this natural farming method, the Ovis Cycle. This ensures that the crops are fertilized naturally and the sheep are eating healthy crops.

Farming sustainably is owner Clay Shannon’s way of being an excellent steward of the land which he will pass on proudly to his children and grandchildren. Shannon Ridge Family of Wines switched from screw caps to natural cork to seal their wine bottles, as they believe that the quality of the wine is enhanced by using a natural product.

“Most importantly we are using cork for quality reasons. The customer tells us that they prefer cork over screw caps so the decision to switch was easy,” said Clay Shannon.  Natural cork also fits with their philosophy of being a sustainable vineyard, as it comes from a tree. “When it comes to renewable, you can’t beat Mother Nature,” said Shannon.

Shannon Ridge Family of Wines sells wine that they can proud of for generations to come.

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