World’s Top Rosés Love Natural Cork


(August 23, 2017) In continued validation of the connection between quality wine and natural cork, eight of the top nine rosé wines chosen in 2017 in a competition conducted by the Global Rosé Masters on behalf of The Drinks Business are finished with natural cork. The nine wines came at all price points from $19 to $90. As expected, France was heavily represented, with seven of the top wines; one comes from Spain, and one from Greece.

The fact that Rosé is usually drunk young and fresh did not deter these top Rosé winemakers from choosing natural cork.  Says sommelier Sarah Tracey of The Lush Life ( “Whether a rosé is meant to be aged or not, the fact is a winemaker doesn’t know when the bottle will actually be opened. Once a wine is bottled, the winemaker has no control over its distribution, or how long it will sit on a store shelf or in a restaurant cellar. Whether on purpose or by accident, a rosé can be aged, and natural cork is the safest choice to protect the wine. And since many customers expect a quality wine to use natural cork, the experience of uncorking a wine is a ritual many wine lovers will never give up.”

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